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Multi-Million Dollar Private PracticeAuthor Name: Soribel Martinez

Book Title: Multi-Million Dollar Private Practice


The mental health professional’s guide to building a sustainable business that makes a difference.

Multi-Million Dollar Private Practice is the roadmap to success for psychologists, social workers, and other mental health professionals who finished their degree programs prepared to treat clients, but without guidance on how to start and run their own successful private practice.

In Multi-Million Dollar Private Practice, helping professionals learn how to develop a clear vision for their practice, create a business model that works, build a strong team, market their practice effectively, deliver high-quality care to their clients, and maximize their impact.

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Soribel Martinez, a licensed clinical psychotherapist, shares her proven 8 Pillars of Private Practice, which she used to build her own thriving practice. She also explores the energetics of business, including cultivating a leadership mindset and welcoming money as energy.

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