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Author Name: William StephensonA New Way to Hope by William Stephenson

Book Title: A New Way To Hope: Stories That Describe The Journey To Hope


When someone is diagnosed with a terminal illness, the equation, Hope equals Cure, is no longer relevant. Where then can hope be found? Dr. Stephenson has been a psychotherapist with a specialty in working with children, youth and adults searching for a new understanding of hope. This book is a living witness to more than 400 clients who asked him to be their guide to a new way to hope.

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Amazon: A New Way To Hope

Author Bio:

Dr. Stephenson had a private practice for more than 27 years in Seattle and San Diego. He began his work with the terminally ill by establishing a “death ward” in a hospital in Tijuana, Mexico and participated in establishing two hospices in Southern California, including the San Diego Hospice.

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