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Each month, the Nonfiction Authors Association asks a burning publishing question of our wonderful, experienced members. Here’s what they have to say!What are your favorite podcasts and why

NFAA: What are your favorite podcasts and why?


I love a great Rocky-type podcast that leaves me leaping from thought to action. I’m a consumer of “how to” podcasts that breathe clarity and action steps. My favorites are:

Jo Barnes’ Your Lifestyle Business: Build a business you can do anywhere in the world:( target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow” ) 

Joyce Meyers: ( She’s inspirational and has great clarity with daily how-to spiritual growths.

Brian Burchard: He teaches about understanding people and meeting their needs.

My business/website is passionate about equipping women to become the warriors they are designed to be and supports them sharpen their tools, so my Dare to be a Badass ( podcasts deal with Badass Life Hacks. Everything I do is committed to assisting women to discover the warrior within to uncover their gold meant to shine and illuminate the way for others—and then pass it on. We focus on how to “Find your Voice, Find your Power, and Find Your Purpose.”

Pamala J. Vincent writes for several online publications, but the current project she’s most excited about is Dare to be a Badass, with an expected publication of Spring of 2020.

While we wait for that day, you can get a feel for what she’s about on her website  You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or in the garden with a white chocolate mocha and her black lab.


I prefer to consume publishing-related content from articles and blogs. The only podcast to which I subscribe is that of Albert Mohler, a president of a seminary who provides a daily news brief from a Biblical worldview. Because I help nonfiction authors in different industries and with different causes, staying on top of the news helps me keep a pulse on the most pressing issues around the world, in medicine, the environment, business, etc. And because I am a follower of Christ, the Biblical perspective helps me reduce partisan noise and focus my life and business on honoring God.

Ella Ritchie is the founder of Stellar Communications Houston, a nonfiction book publishing and business communications team that works with authors, business leaders, organizations, and federal government agencies. You can find her at


Since releasing my first book on Amazon, I have become interested in marketing and advertising on Pinterest. I came across this incredible podcast called Simple Pin Media. The podcast is informative and easy to understand, even if you’re not an expert with social media. Kate Ahl is the host, and she invites guests onto her show who have successfully used Pinterest for their marketing, advertising, and branding strategies. This podcast is ideal for anyone who wants to learn the benefits of Pinterest and how it can help them with their businesses.

Brandy Isadora is the author and photographer of the award-winning book, Tattle Tales: Tattoo Stories and Portraits, which is now available on Amazon. Her website is

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