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Each month, the Nonfiction Authors Association asks a question of our wonderful, experienced members. Here’s what they have to say!Seeking a Traditional Book Deal for Your Nonfiction Book? Consider These Realities Before You Pursue a Publisher

NFAA: What is your Book Title and Target Audience?

Donald Ray Cobb

My book is titled The Lady with a Shamrock: A Navy D-Day Veteran’s Story of the Destroyer USS Murphy DD603. This is my story and the story of my ship at Normandy and Southern France and other places. I published my book one day before my 94th birthday.

My target audience is everyone with an interest in the history of World War 2.

Ann M. Hampton

The title of my book is A to Z Bible Guide on Life. It also includes an optional workbook that is great for individual or group Bible study.  It is for anyone that is going through a hard time and need a change and some peace from a biblical perspective. It deals with many personal situations in life.

Lasting Impression Books

Diane Mintz

I originally wrote my book, In Sickness and in Mental Heath: Living with and Loving Someone with Mental Illness, for people like me. I am a person with a diagnosis who married a man who was later diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. Stephanie Chandler not only helped me publish my story, but gave me the courage to “come out” and share my recovery story publicly. Now I speak to children, law enforcement, health professionals and everyone in between. I learned that my target audience and mission was much larger!

My story is for anyone who even encounters someone struggling with mental illness or addiction, which is every single one of us. My mission is to impart the systemic change of perception which is long overdue. I can see this change happening in small segments and the impact is far reaching. My story began back when my husband and I remained very ill because we lived in secret shame and help was elusive. Now we have been living abundant, balanced lives for many years and that gives genuine hope to many who are still struggling.

In Sickness and in Mental Health: Living with and Loving Someone with Mental Illness 

Diane Mintz – Speaker and Mental Health Advocate. Board of Directors – National Alliance on Mental Illness Sacramento.

John Daniewicz

My book is Kings Without Thrones: How they Control Us; How to Break Free. Since it is about the top 1% in the U.S., its target audience is all adult Americans who are living under their capitalism-controlled government. This book is available on Amazon, and its website is

Carrie Lynn

My most recent book is a memoir, Finding Fitzgerald. It covers a two-decade search into the inspiration behind John D. Fitzgerald’s books, namely The Great Brain Series, as well as his earlier books. My target audience are fans of The Great Brain Series. Many of them have followed my research discoveries over the years. Putting the entire experience into book form was the first step in sharing how John came to the stories he shares in his books. John’s books are presented as family sagas. They are, but by his own admission are not “history, but history per se.

Finding Fitzgerald

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