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My Dance with the DevilAuthor:

Marly Bergerud

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My Dance with the Devil: An American Tragedy, My Father’s Daughter, Judgment Versus Forgiveness, A Life Reborn

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“A Journey of My Soul.”
Coping with childhood loneliness, fear, and abuse, Marly was immersed in solitude and her love of dance. Decades later, memories began to haunt her and surface the darkness she had hidden deep in her subconscious. My Dance With the Devil is a memoir that depicts an accurate tale of courage, strength, and undying hope. In the face of adversity, from gripping, often disturbing, depictions of the dark truths to immense success, fame, and failure. As so many others have done, telling her story is an ancient way of healing. Marly hopes her journey will bring strength and courage to others on a similar path with a renewed spirit and knowing they can survive, flourish, and have a wonderful, incredibly successful life.

Marly’s early years were in North Dakota, where she was a trained dancer and pianist. She has a B.A. and M.S. degree and is an educator spanning a professional career of 30+ years as a teacher, a Dean of Business, and a Vice President within the California Community Colleges. During this time, Marly thoroughly enjoyed raising a fantastic son as he endured her becoming a published co-author of two dozen computer textbooks. She is a recognized educational leader, author, and teacher of new technologies who presented seminars to educators at colleges and universities around the globe.

Next to her son, family, friends, and writing, one of Marly’s greatest enjoyments is travel, which grounds her and pushes her comfort zone. It is a beautiful way to continue learning by immersing herself in the new cultures of the people she meets.

At home in Palm Desert, California, the broad spectrum of excellent music, arts, and entertainment feed her soul. In this stage of her life, Marly believes the spirit of philanthropy is an ever essential and socially responsible duty of giving what, how, and when we can. She serves on the Board of the World Affairs Council of the Desert. For the Palm Springs Writers Guild, she served as President, enthusiastically supporting its 150+ writers pursuing their craft. Today, she continues to enjoy their friendship and learn from their professional speakers.

“In this life, I have learned that writing helps heal, puts the past behind us, and allows our souls to soar.” Marly Bergerud

Author Bio:

Marly’s reputation is that of a nationally recognized educational leader, author, and speaker. Her career in Education was primarily in management leadership. She enjoyed being the Dean of Business at Saddleback College for seventeen years and completed her 38+ career in Education as Vice President of Workforce and Education Development at DeAnza College. During her roles in Education, Bergerud co-authored and published 25 computer technology textbooks. She has a B.S. in Business Education from California State University, Fresno, CA, and an M.S. in Education from the University of Southern California. Marly now lives in Palm Desert, CA. Marly served as President of the Palm Springs Writers Guild, an organization of 200+ writers that encourages, develops, and supports published and unpublished writers pursuing their craft. She enjoys serving on the Board of Directors of the World Affairs Council of the Desert.

Book Testimonial:

“These are days where attitudes, behaviors, and emotional needs challenge us in ways
that are quite similar to those in long ago years in Minot, North Dakota.
My Dance with the Devil, so poignantly and beautifully documented by Marly Bergerud,
tells the tale of one person of integrity and persistence, dedicated to the path of an
ethical life. I am moved that she remembers me in such a positive way, because my
goal was to empower in the YMCA youth a larger perspective of others, and to embed a
sense of inclusion, rather than exclusion. My life’s goal has always been to build bridges
of understanding. And I wanted to encourage those I encountered to follow a path
focused on changing thoughts and opinions. There is something in psychology called
consistency bias, meaning our tendency to assume that where we are right now, and
the opinions we hold, have always been the same. But I don’t really believe that is true
or needs to be static. And that’s why I encouraged the youth at the Y in Minot to
engage in a paradigm shift so that they could change and grow in understanding. Marly
has written a vital book that is filled with moments of sadness, as well as spiritual
triumphs. And I’m grateful that she has captured the power of forgiveness as a gift
given to herself and an offering she provides from her open hands and heart. This is
what mends and changes lives, and, by extension, societies. Forgiveness does not,
necessarily, lead to reconciliation. Nor does it deny justice. But it does bring healing and
enables coping with ambiguity in uncertain times. This is a book that promotes change,
in a positive way, by looking forward rather than backwards. Thank you, Marly, for
showing us how to ‘Dance!'” by Reverend Robert Polk

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