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Nonfiction Book Award Status: GOLD


Pandora’s Lockbox: an Award Winning Agent’s Memoir of Love, Sex, Murders and an Alligator is anything but predictable: “She was making me an accessory to MURDER, and she hadn’t even bought a house from me yet.” Its hilarious and harrowing stories will delight its readers as they traverse a lively world filled with surprises and heart-stopping moments

The stage for Pandora’s Lockbox is the 1980s and early ‘90s when real estate regulation was in its infancy. Elaborate perks like office parties, gifts, money, event tickets, fur coats, vacations, wining and dining were freely given to top agents as bribes for their business. With current regulations, they no longer exist as they did then.

Which is probably a good thing since we were all exhausted from working, playing and partying non-stop. In this book, you’ll meet Nico (me) and my fellow agents – Lolly, Krista, Miriam and Ginger. We were known as the Fab Five, a name coined by our broker Grant “Granny” Fakke. While these chapters are based on our experiences, ask any real estate agent. Our stories are their stories too.

One thing is for certain: readers will never think of the real estate industry or agents in exactly the same way after absorbing the trials and tribulations that involve the agents inside Pandora’s Lockbox.


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Author Bio

Nico Lundborg-Griffith is a top producing real estate agent listed in the RE/MAX Hall of Fame. After working as a mortgage loan processor, she saw where the real money was made and stepped over her desk to the other side of the real estate transaction – the selling side. Although Nico is not a veteran of a real war, nevertheless, as a Veteran agent of real estate, she has earned the equivalents of Purple Hearts, Distinguished Service Medallions, and Red Badges for Courage while selling almost 1000 homes in her luminous career.

Nico sells real estate in Western Montana, where she lives with her husband Gordon and her beloved parti-Yorkie, Fannie Mae.


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