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Christina Larocco

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Book Coaching for Writers Who Integrate Research into Creative and Commercial Nonfiction

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Book coaching
Developmental/substantive editing

Why should our community members hire you?

When you started brainstorming your book, you were on FIRE. You were going to write something that would CHANGE THE WORLD. Now, years later, you’ve read all the books on your subject. You’ve scanned family photos. You’ve conducted interviews. You’ve deciphered impossible-to-read old handwriting. But when you sit down to write, everything you produce just feels like garbage.

What happened?

When you love a subject enough to write a book about it, you dive DEEP. That’s great! But it also leads to feeling overwhelmed. What are you supposed to do with all the information you’ve gathered? What is this book even supposed to be ABOUT?

You’re letting the research boss you around.

I know from experience that no matter how rewarding (and sometimes even fun) it can be, grappling with the kind of book you’re trying to write is challenging. I’ve written a dissertation and two books, and I’ve helped dozens of writers craft and publish compelling, research-based nonfiction. Based on these experiences—and the training I received to become an Author Accelerator–certified book coach—I developed my signature system: the Writer’s Finding Aid. Through regular submission dates, written feedback, and live support, the Writer’s Finding Aid guides you through the foundational work of identifying and building your book’s narrative throughline. It helps you develop a reliable set of tools to carry you through the writing process and provides a container that can hold onto your big idea so you can focus on doing the work. As a client, you’ll also get exclusive access to the workbook that shares my signature system so you are never at a loss for what to do next. Depending on how quickly you like to work, in about three months you can expect to develop a strong, actionable plan, write new and/or revised pages, and develop the confidence to continue moving forward.

What do you enjoy about working with nonfiction authors?

My clients know that research provides much more than information: it gives them a way of understanding themselves and their place in the world in a deeper and more authentic way. More than anything, I love to guide writers through figure out what this new understanding is. How do the different pieces of your project fit together? How should your book be structured? It is easy to get lost in the weeds without someone to hold onto your vision, ask the right questions, and bounce ideas off of. I get to be this person for my clients.

What piece of advice would you like to offer authors?

Your book is not about the research you’ve conducted. It’s about the narrative throughline—the story you are trying to tell or the point you are trying to make. Everything else is in service to that.

Would you like to provide blog readers with a special offer or link?

Just for the NFAA community, through the end of January I am offering 3-month coaching packages for $2,500 (regularly $3,600). Schedule a free consultation with me here:

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