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We Have Always Been HereWe Have Always Been Here: A Queer Muslim Memoir by Samra Habib
Viking, June 4, 2019
A true coming-of-age memoir, We Have Always Been Here shares Samra’s story of discovering their sexuality and who they truly are.

As a Woman: What I Learned about Power, Sex, and the Patriarchy after I Transitioned by Paula Stone Williams
Atria, March 8, 2022
This memoir shares the unexpected transition of prominent figure in the Christian community and the sometimes-painful truths she learned after her transition.

Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal? by Jeanette Winterson
Grove Press; Reprint edition, March 12, 2013
In this heartbreaking, but inspiring, memoir, readers will learn about Jeanette’s journey to find acceptance and happiness.

Pretty Baby: A Memoir by Chris Belcher
Avid Reader Press / Simon & Schuster, July 12, 2022
Filled with dark humor and profound insights, Pretty Baby discusses the journey from small-town Appalachia to dominatrix work in the City of Angels.

The Family Outing: A Memoir by Jessi Hempel
HarperOne, October 4, 2022
The Family Outing is a humorous memoir about how Jessi and her entire family literally all came out – in one way or another.

A Wild and Precious Life: A Memoir by Edie Windsor and Joshua Lyon
St. Martin’s Griffin, May 25, 2021
A legendary gay rights activist, Edie Windsor highlights what life was like as a gay woman at various times in history.

A Cup of Water Under My Bed: A Memoir by Daisy Hernandez
Beacon Press; Reprint edition, September 8, 2015
In this memoir, Daisy outlines the life lessons she learned from her Cuban-Columbian family and how that affected her life as she came out as bisexual.

This Body I Wore by Diana Goetsch
Picador Paper, May 23, 2023
This Body I Wore chronicles the long, painstaking transition journey for Diana.

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