Literary Agent Interview: Max Sinsheimer, Sinsheimer Literary

Agent Name: Max Sinsheimer Agency Name/Location: Sinsheimer Literary / Washington, DC Agency Link: Social Media: @msin10 (Twitter and Instagram) Nonfiction Genres Represented: Exclusively adult nonfiction, particularly biography, cookbooks, history, memoir, narrative, popular science, prescriptive, public/current affairs, sports, and travel. I especially love working with journalists! What is your best tip for new writers looking […]

Literary Agent Interview: Lorin Rees, Rees Literary Agency

Agent Name: Lorin Rees Agency Name/Location: Rees Literary Agency, Boston Agency Link: Nonfiction Genres Represented: Narrative non-fiction, memoir, business, self-help, psychology, public affairs. What is your best tip for new writers looking for a book deal? Do research and be diligent. What kinds of pitches catch your attention? Something special, something that hasn’t been […]

Literary Agent Interview: Elizabeth K. Kracht

Agent Name: Elizabeth K. Kracht Agency Name/Location: Kimberley Cameron & Associates in Tiburon, CA Agency Link: Social Media Links: @elizabethkracht (Twitter & Instagram), Nonfiction Genres Represented: Narrative/Creative, Memoir, Self-Help, Prescriptive, Science, High Concept, Spirituality, Sexuality, How-To What is your best tip for new writers looking for a book deal? I have so many […]

Literary Agent Interview: Carrie Pestritto

Agent Name: Carrie Pestritto Agency Name/Location: Laura Dail Literary Agency/New York, NY Agency Link: Social Media Links: Nonfiction Genres Represented: I’m interested in prescriptive, memoir, biography, narrative, and scientific nonfiction books in both the adult and children’s categories. What is your best tip for new writers looking for a book deal? […]

Literary Agent Interview: Lindsey Smith

Agent Name: Lindsey Smith Agency Name/Location: Speilburg Literary Agency Agency Link: Social Media Links: Twitter and Instagram: @LindseySmithHHC Nonfiction Genres Represented: Cookbooks, lifestyle, health, pop culture, gender issues, self-help, true crime, and current events. She is especially interested in podcast-to-book ideas, journalists who specialize in specific research, and cookbooks that have a niche and/or […]