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The Wounded Physician ProjectAuthor:

Curtis G. Graham, MD

Book Title:

The Wounded Physician Project

Publishing Information:

Exlibris, 2014 (First Edition); Agarwood Publishing, 2021 (Second Edition)

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The Wounded Physician Project is fresh and unique investigation into, and the solution for, the primary causes of private medical practice financial failure, which today impacts not only the disintegration of private medical practice but also the overwhelming increasing attrition of physicians today. The root cause has been ignored completely by medical school educators for a century in spite of knowing the importance of resolving this issue and the enormous value and benefits it provides for every practicing physicians today.

The complete elimination of these problems that all physicians in private medical practice have always had and now today is responsible for the frustration and deep disappointment over 50% of physicians have with their careers in medicine, can be resolved almost immediately. The implementation of some very critical educational elements into medical school curriculums – a business education – is the answer to this persistent, egregious enigma that handicaps every physician in our nation today that is far overdue and mandatory, if we are to maintain the survival of private medical practice in our nation.

Both healthcare and the medical profession are in the throws of attempting to maintain the quality of healthcare, the ability of all physicians to reach their ultimate potential in the delivery of essential medical care, and the struggle by physicians to overcome the greatest impediment to the quality of medical care in our nation that has been happening for decades without notice of the public, if the contents of this book are not heeded.

Author Bio:

Curtis G. Graham, MD, FACS, FACOG focuses on research into the cause for the increasing surge of physician attrition in our nation. The core cause is the lack of a business education. The cure is for all medical schools to provide a business education for all medical students in the USA. Curtis uncovered the nationwide cause for the surge of attrition of physicians as well as the most effective cure for the problems. Curtis is an experienced medical practice business owner and is well-versed in marketing. He has extensive knowledge and experience in both professional fields, which enables him to teach and consult with physicians who commonly lack business education and knowledge never taught in any medical school in the USA. His expertise extends to publication of other books and medical practice business newsletters. He has authored books covering practice business and management as well as marketing strategies specific for medical practice growth and income, numbering in the hundreds in his teaching website and in many physician oriented magazines and websites.

Book Testimonial:

“This classic book is the only book ever written in literature on the topic of the failure of medical school education, the cause, the cure, and the steps necessary to raise the quality of medical care and the quality of medical doctors in the USA.”

“An insightful book told by a man who knows the business of medicine. Dr. Graham seems to have the right prescription for what ails many American doctors today. Highly recommended!”


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