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The Wealthy Speaker 2.0The Wealthy Speaker 2.0: The Proven Formula for Building Your Successful Speaking Business by Jane Atkinson
Speaker Launcher; Third Edition, July 19, 2012
The Wealthy Speaker 2.0 acts as an all-encompassing toolkit for creating and maintaining a profitable speaking business.

Keynote Mastery: The Personal Journey of a Professional Speaker by Patrick Schwerdtfeger
Authority Publishing, January 1, 2016
This book gives readers the unique opportunity to get a candid look into the life of a professional speaker.

The Referable Speaker: Your Guide to Building a Sustainable Speaking Career—No Fame Required by Michael Port and Andrew Davis
Page Two Press, June 4, 2021
The Referable Speaker shares the tips and tricks over 75 speakers have used to create more leads and revenue.

Public Speaking for Authors, Creatives and Other Introverts: Second Edition by Joanna Penn
Curl Up Press, September 18, 2019
Catered specifically to authors and other creatives, this book provides the information and support you need to put on effective speaking engagements.

The Confident Presenter: Ditch Your Fear of Public Speaking and Embrace the Stage by Ryan Millar
Dashwell Publishing, June 9, 2023
The Confident Presenter provides details to refine your speaking craft, including how to effectively use facial expressions, body language, and various tones.

Mastering the Art of Public Speaking: 8 Secrets to Transform Fear and Supercharge Your Career by Michael J. Gelb
New World Library, September 8, 2020
In this book, Michael Gelb shares his expertise on how to refine your message and speaking presence.

The Wealthy Speaker 3.0: Your Recipe for Building the Speaking Business of Your Dreams by Jane Atkinson
Speaker Launcher, February 1, 2023
Turn your dream of having a professional speaking business into a reality with the actionable tips and tricks presented in this book.

Speak With No Fear: Go from a Nervous, Nauseated, and Sweaty Speaker to an Excited, Energized, and Passionate Presenter by Mike Acker
Advantage Publishing Group; 2nd ed. Edition, June 5, 2021
Speak With No Fear provides seven proven strategies to overcome speaking anxiety so you can effectively deliver your message.

How Highly Effective People Speak: How High Performers Use Psychology to Influence With Ease by Peter Andrei
Independently published, May 29, 2020
This book teaches readers the psychological secrets of communication that top-performing speakers use to influence their audience.

Speak Your Way to Cash: How to Start at the Top of the Speaking Market Instead of Working Your Way up From the Bottom! by Ashley Kirkwood
Speak Your Way to Cash, November 15, 2021
Speak Your Way to Cash acts as a guide as to how to create a profitable and sustainable speaking business.

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