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The Travel Writing TribeThe Travel Writing Tribe: Journeys in Search of a Genre by Tim Hannigan
Hurst, September 1, 2021
Leaning on years of experience as a writer and traveler, Tim aims to separate fact from fiction when it comes to the world of travel writing.

TRAVEL WRITING 2.0: Earning Money from your Travels in the New Media Landscape by Tim Leffel, Inc.; 2nd edition, February 1, 2016
Travel Writing 2.0 builds on the revolutionary first edition to account for the change in book mediums and contains interviews and survey responses from successful travel writers.

How to Become a Professional Travel Writer: Advice from 50 Years of International Assignments by Mark Eveleigh and Narina Exelby
Independently published, August 3, 2021
Rather than explain how to write, this book gives a realistic view of everything that is involved on the business side of travel writing.

Lonely Planet How to be a Travel Writer by Don George
Lonely Planet; 4th edition, July 18, 2017
Notorious travel writer Don George shares what he has learned about travel writing, including how to effectively research both pre-trip and during the trip, how to craft a compelling piece, how to effectively interview people, and invaluable resources for writers.

The Best American Travel Writing 2021 by Padma Lakshmi and Jason Wilson
Mariner Books, October 12, 2021
This collection of travel essays serves as inspiration to hone your own travel writing craft.

A Field Guide for Immersion Writing: Memoir, Journalism, and Travel by Robin Hemley
University of Georgia Press; ARC edition, March 1, 2012
While this book covers other types of writing, in addition to travel writing, it’s a useful guide to really immersing yourself in your subject to create a story readers will love.

Worlds of Knowledge in Women’s Travel Writing by James Uden
Ilex Foundation, February 15, 2022
This inspirational book shares the stories from remarkable women and their journeys, which shows the profound effect that travel writing can have.

How to Write and Self-Publish a Travel Guide: Create Passive Income from your Travel Writing by Jay Artale
Birds of a Feather Press, March 23, 2019
This practical guide shares time-saving techniques and best practices for creating and publishing a successful travel guide.

The Copyright Handbook: What Every Writer Needs to Know by Stephen Fisherman J.D.
NOLO; Fourteenth edition, December 27, 2020
Part of being a writer is protecting your work, and this book thoroughly covers everything you need to know about doing just that.

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