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This month we asked nonfiction authors to answer this question: What revenue streams have you created for your author business?What revenue streams have you created for your author business?

Robert Carnes

Developing other revenue streams from my book has been a goal, but not something that I’ve had time for yet. I’ve been primarily focused on promoting the book since my launch two weeks ago. That promotion has actually generated two new clients for my full-time job and sparked a few conversations that might lead to something in the future. I’m primarily focused on potentially earning more from related writing services that people who read the book might benefit from.

Robert Carnes is a writer, marketer, and author of a new book, The Story Cycle, which shows any business how they can use storytelling processes to grow.

Paki Perkins

We have a new award-winning book coming out on Nov 12, 2022 called Mahalo Does Not Mean Trash and it talks about one of the greatest Hawaiian values – Gratitude. The forward is written by Lee Brower of The Secret who talks about the Gratitude Rock.

In addition to the book, we have add on activity books and journals that compliment this book. We have a couple learning courses and a YouTube channel. We have also teamed with a couple companies to create merchandise. We have clothing and home goods with our branding as well.

Toby Payne

I have several revenue streams, the book; Health & Wellbeing Made Easy, The 12 Principles of Outstanding Health & Wellbeing, will be sold through Amazon, there is a free online course which readers can access from the book, which links user back to Mooshoo (our website), which helps drive membership sales to Mooshoo and affiliate product sales with amazon. We also have a partner called ‘DoNotAge’, which we provide an affiliate link to, in the book.

Toby Payne, Mooshoo Founder. We turn health and wellbeing into Simple Easy Habits, helping people to live longer and happier and prevent many of the 21st century diseases. Website:

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